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Embracing the Future:  The Next Generation of Enterprise Applications Platforms

In this webinar we delve into the world of Enterprise Applications Platforms and uncover the key distinctions between No-Code and Low-Code solutions. Discover the transformative potential of Nextworld®, and how it can drive immediate and positive outcomes for your business, no matter which approach to digital transformation you take. You'll also gain valuable insights into the concept of composable application thinking, and how it amplifies the capabilities of the platform.

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What is an Enterprise Applications Platform? Introduction Guide

Read a comprehensive introduction into EAPs. From the definition to the history and evolution, to the comparison of an ERP and key features of Nextworld.

— Overview of an Enterprise Applications Platform
— Why are EAPs becoming so popular?
— Benefits and differentiators 
— How the Nextworld EAP works




With the advent of Enterprise Applications Platforms, businesses are free to pursue innovation, automate business processes, and pivot to new revenue sources like never before. And getting there with Nextworld is as easy as ABC.

No-Code vs. Low-Code

A major market misconception is that low-code and no-code solutions are the same. Low-code methods still require users to possess basic coding skills to develop or customize complex applications. That means all low-code solutions must have a “trap door” that exposes traditional coding and will always require intervention by professional developers.

True no-code platforms keep customers shielded from any programming language via the no-code platform and toolset. It provides a simplified way to build applications without any programming skills. No-code solutions deliver an extensive range of enterprise-grade functionalities that are fundamental to organizations of all types, all without a trap door to programming.






The Nextword Advantage

The Nextworld no-code, enterprise platform is raising the bar for business solutions, paving the way toward desired business outcomes - and fast. You can take advantage of declarative application development processes to reflect your unique knowledge of your business directly into the software - without coding and without ever being version-locked. Nextworld is your ally in taking on new challenges as they come, propelling your mission - your way.

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